Book Release – Pre-Order John Colburn’s “Invisible Daughter”


Local poet/writer John Colburn is releasing a new book called “Invisible Daughter”.

You can pre-order a copy right here –

It comes out next month.


A simple what we are going to do. More later!

Create Your Living is going to be a locally based (Minnesota) non-profit that will be giving out yearly salary grants to artists/musicians/creative people  plus grants for promotion, small business start-up, CD manufacturing and other creative projects. If you come with a cool idea and we like it and want to see it happen we will help you out.

We hope to start giving out funds fall of 2010 and are working on fund-raising, developing non-profit status and getting our website together.


Get on our mailing list which we hope to be 5000 strong by spring of 2010. Send your email address to – – if you want to volunteer or help out – let me know.

Give a little $$ – you can’t deduct it on your taxes yet, so just give a little if you can.

Got $5 or more to help us get rolling? Just go here to help us get started.