Below is the idea, for right now we are just posting calls for art and advice for creative people. If you think this is a good idea, let me know.

Creative Your Living will be a cash and educational resource for creative people. We are in the planning stages and are looking for people to help.We hope to create our own local creative economy where people get paid for the creative work they do.

What we will offer:

Cash Resources –
2 Yearly Salary Grants – Paying artists a year long salary to create full time.
Project Grants – Grants from $300-$5000 that will go towards a creative project.

Examples of Project Grants –
Creative Event Promotion
Art Gallery Opening and Promotion
Creative Business start up funds
Band or Musician Recording Costs, CD Manufacturing and CD Release Promotion.
Band or Musician Tour Support
Legal Advice Funds
Setting up a creative based website, blog or publication.
Creating a Film
Writing and Publishing a book.
Anything you can really think of.

Educational Resouces

It would be great to say we just hand out money and let people go, but phase two of these project is the educational aspect. In return for getting money, Artists must document and share their experiences of how their project process went.

Educational Website Articles
Web Tools for self promotion
Classes and Workshops

If it want more info or want to help out, just send us an email and we will be glad to let you know. Contact us here.

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  1. […] opportunities and hope to have more articles on making a living creating art.¬† Check out the about section for the full details on what I wanted it to be, and who knows I still might be able to pull it off […]

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