Chicago Grid | How Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy learned to grow up and start firing his friends

Chicago Grid | How Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy learned to grow up and start firing his friends.tweedy

“There’s a widely held belief among musicians, and maybe artists in general, that there’s some zero-sum game being played, that it’s a compromise to even think about business as being a part of what you do,” Tweedy says. “I think our approach is that there’s another way to be creative. How we run our business is another thing to think about creatively.”


The 7 Cardinal Virtues of Succesful Writers


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The Bus Station Theory, or, Why You Should Stick to Your Own Pursuit of Creativity


Top 5 pieces of advice for DIY businesses


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Fear is a four letter word.


Last Friday, I played the second show with my new band and the day of I felt a little anxiety. Plus the hour or so up until I went on a played I felt the buzz of fear a bit. Once I started playing it eventually wore off and I became more comfortable.

During the day Friday I looked up anxiety, because once in awhile I do get that deep stomach pitted fear sometimes for a reason and sometimes not. What I found is that people who have real anxiety and fear issues, are way worse off. Trouble breathing, sweating and most of the time won’t show up for what they were worried about and tend to totally not even take on doing any of the things that I have done in my life.

As artists, business owners and in other creative fields – you have to be out there and have the ability to deal with things. Fear or not. Something that has helped me in the past has been taking Improv classes and joining Toastmasters. Which I probably need to get back on, since these fears tend to creep back in.

There are things I want to fear less and I think they have hampered my ability to have a successful business. So I picked up a book recommended on called The Big Leap.

I also found this article which I thought could be helpful – one contains some of the same info, but addresses the fear of failure –

Book Release – Pre-Order John Colburn’s “Invisible Daughter”


Local poet/writer John Colburn is releasing a new book called “Invisible Daughter”.

You can pre-order a copy right here –

It comes out next month.

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